Invitation Letter Service

For those who need a visa to stay in Vietnam, we are providing Invitation Letter service. Base on your Invitation Letter you will get your visa on arrival to any international airport in Vietnam.

Tourist visa (DL) is issued for a period of 1-3 months.

For the preparation of the Invitation Letter, we need only your passport data (or scan/foto of the main page), date and airport of arrival. Along with your Invitation Letter, you also will receive to e-mail you specified a form which needs to be filled and printed with the Invitation letter. These documents, as well as 2 photos 4×6 are required in Vietnam airport on “Visa on Arrival” desk.

! Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the start of the trip!

Invitation Letter for a tourist visa (DL) will be ready within 36 hours of your order!

The tourist visa (DL) can be extended, without leaving the country. 3-month visa can be extended for 1 more extra month. 1-month visa can be extended for 2 extra months.

Visa-free entry and the abolition of the visa fee, depending on the nationality:

– For the citizens of Russia, Belarus, Finland, Norway, the UK, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Japan – visa-free entry is possible for a period of not more than 15 days;
– For the citizens of the Philippines – 21 days;
– Citizens of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos – 30 days;
– The citizens of Myanmar are exempt from visa requirements.

!Re-entry to Vietnam on a tourist stamp (visa-free entry) is possible only after 30 days.

For US citizens Visa required. Visa is placed for one year with multiple entries. With tourist visa (DL) it is necessary to cross the border every 3 months anyway.

!Please note that in addition to requirements documents at the border you will be asked to pay the visa fee.

Prices are shown in the table below:

Visa type Period Price Preparing time Visa fee
Tourist Visa (DL) 1 month. Single entry 22$ 36 hours 25$
3 month. Single entry 25$
1 month. Multiply entry 25$ 50$
3 month. Multiply entry 35$
1 year for US citizens 50$ 135$

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