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Cu chi tunnels is an underground zigzag network of over 200km length, it is a symbol of the will and the creativity of the Vietnamese. Located about 60km from Saigon, Cu Chi was one of the fiercest battlefields during 1960 – 1972. Visiting Cu Chi, you will see how guerrillas dug, lived and fought in the tunnels; you will learn about the strength of will against sophisticated weapons. You will watch the documentary about self-made weapons, bamboo traps and how the tunnels were built before squeezing into ground yourself; , Ever wonder how it feels when firing an AK-47? You will have chance,


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Morning & Afternoon Trip 

8:00 A,M till 13:00 & 13:00 Till 18:00 

our half a day tour to cu chi tunnel we will pick you up at your hotel lobby then we will go straight to cu chi tunnel, Leaving the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City behind, take a 1.5-hour journey west towards the Cambodian border bound for the Cu Chi Tunnels.
The Cu Chi tunnels were built by local fighters during the Indochina conflict as a base from which the Viet Cong could operate from close to the Southern Vietnamese capital.
Initial construction started in 1948 when the Viet Minh required somewhere to hide from French air attacks and by 1965, the Cu Chi tunnel complex was estimated to consist of 200km’s of tunnels functioning as underground cities.
It included hospitals, schools, meeting rooms, kitchens and sleeping quarters. Life was difficult for the inhabitants and to protect against outside intruders booby traps were laid throughout the complex..

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